The ancient art of burning aromatic herbs resins and woods on charcoal has been practiced for thousands of years as a part of rituals and ceremonies.
Premium bamboo charcoal discs are made from natural plant wood and free from toxic chemicals. Other charcoal this can contain chemical additives that burn at a high temperature and pollute the air. This natural wood burns slower so your incense product releases its aroma without scorching the natural oils.

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It is best to hold the charcoal discs with a small pair of tongs (can hold with your finger but be careful). Hover the disc over the tip of a flame, a lit candle is best, (as the Shemana Charcoal discs are 100% natural and don’t contain a chemical ignition agent, it may take a little while, be patient, yes, you’re doing it right)
Wait until you can feel heat from the edge you are lighting (don’t directly touch it!) Place charcoal disc on a heatproof dish (for extra insolation put sand or ash in the dish or use the specially designed, insulated Sheman incense pot)
The heat will begin to slowly spread across the disc, you can gently blow to accelerate. Place a small pinch of loose incense on top of where the disc is hot (you don’t have to wait till the whole disc is completely hot, just a quarter will get it going) and allow the incense to smoke and smoulder. Tend the incense like you would a fire, move the ash aside and top up with fresh loose incense as required.
Burn responsibly: never leave burning charcoal unattended.

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